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Wu Tao Di glossy metal
The Three Essentials to the Complete Path

A complete school of Chinese metaphysics, martial arts, medicine, philosophy, and culture.

It’s coming. Classes set to start 2015. A whole new website. A whole new interactive way of learning. Full Tai Chi classes hosted by Shifu Careaga here at Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture.

Be sure to check back for more information as details get released!

UPDATE – Pricing Schedule

[accordion open=”2″]
[accordion-item title=”Per Diem”]$50/credit hour (so 10 CEU or 1 course = $500)*[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Quarterly Tuition (best)”]

  • $250 for primary module ($25/CEU or less, if module includes other hours than course time)
  • $150 each additional module or course ($15/CEU)

NOTE: Chinese Medicine Studies are $250 per quarter + $250 clinic observation and practicum = $500/qtr[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Membership (monthly), with contract:”]



  • Taiji & qigong classes

  • Library usage

  • Select courses for free

  • Email support

  • Includes Open Gym hours for Internal students only


[accordion-item title=”Unlimited”]$1,500 per year

  • Includes everything from membership
  • As many classes as you are able to take
  • Can be combined with Shifu Services (best deal is combine with Yearly Services!)
  • Excludes appointments and exam fees
  • THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY PRICE; PRICE WILL GO UP![/accordion-item][/accordion]

*excludes Exam fees; only tuition paid students have online exam fees waived

A brief 4 page essay on the benefits of the Old Ways of learning.


Taiji 1 Class

This is for entry level students. Yang 24 form, and Bagua section 1 (may require more than one quarter to complete level 1)



Qi Gong 1

Qi gong 1 is Yi Jin Jing 1-21, San Jiao Qigong, and 8 Brocades



Qi Gong 2

For students with background in Qi gong, may be required to take Qigong 1


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