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It is tempting to prescribe what a whole year will be like based on the simple nature of the year name. After all the year of the horse galloped by and the year of the snake was difficult for most people. A fire monkey should be playful and up and down.

But actually, in BaZi (Eight character analysis, or the “Four Pillars of Destiny”, aka Destiny Code) it isn’t the year by itself that matters, but the relationship of all the 8 characters to each other and in interaction with the year, season, and even your current “luck pillar” (10 year cycles).

Natalie Portman’s BaZi Chart

This complicated map explains (the obviousness of) the fact that even while people are born in the same year they have far different lives and karmas. Why? Because everyone is born at a different time, under different stars, moon, weather, and in different circumstances. This makes it obvious that a year – like year of the Monkey – cannot readily describe the nuances of every part of a person. They can describe a person pretty well, but will not tell you what you will encounter.

If you want to have a “leg up” on what the Fire Monkey means or holds for you, you need to come in and have a BaZi analysis (it is also included in all Feng Shui contracting).
With your BaZi we can look for really important factors, like spousal turbulence, wealth issues, health issues, and psychological traumas. We may not predict exactly what is known but at least you’ll know if you should go on that cruise or not, invest in something or save your money, etc…

The consultations can be combined with I Ching consultations if you have a specific circumstance to analyze.
Hope to see you in this year of the Fire Monkey. Also, as always anyone who’s had an analysis done can request a free update for the Chinese New Year, starting February 8th (after which the update can be provided).

~Shifu Careaga

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