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For those curious, unless Martial Law is officially declared in paper form, and since the situation is well underhand with our cleaning policies and we are a medical service people need, we will remain open to service those who want to come (at least on my shift, my wife may not Friday that’s up to her).

People should also be aware that there is zero – 0 – science behind “social distancing.” It is a hypothesis, and it has not proven to be based in solid epidemiological theory, given immunity in any population comes from exposure, not avoidance. For example, children get immune to Varicela via exposure to chicken pox, etc. The cumulative effect is that a society is stronger in its immune system (versus allergies, and other signs of weakness) over time. Largely, viruses are wiped out by bacteria, at any rate. A systems approach to epidemiology is necessary when evaluating the actual national and state threat levels. Of course, any person has the right to sequester themselves, and practice distancing at any time.
If you are curious about the actual statistics comparing this outbreak to others like it, Shifu Ramon has prepared these CDC and Statista based statistics for you:
(Remember, facts > feelings)

How Corona in the US since 1980 stacks up to flu and HIV

That tiny dot of green on the bottom right in 2020 is Coronavirus.

Comparing other conditions to see where Corona falls in order of magnitude.

Corona, as you can see is an order 2-3 virus. It is interesting that Ebola is far more infectious and deadly, but is also only an order 1-2 virus. It may be that the more infectious the more nature reduces the spread. Malaria (a parasite) isn’t very contagious but it remains very deadly.

Reminder that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect, we don’t mind if you choose to cancel or move, just give us a call tomorrow. (I’ll probably give benefits of the doubt Thursday).
thank you,
Sf. Ramon

It may also interest people who are confused on the topic to follow the bread crumbs:

  1. This creepy globalist video was made last year and released Oct 18, 2019 (Event 201); warning this is NOT a CDC video. It is however, an example of plannedemics. I don’t show you this to make you angry but just to make you aware.
  2. The same date that was released (Oct 18, 2019), this was organized in WUHAN: “Military World Games
    It may have been a coincidence, but given China’s threat to withhold our antibiotics (they manufacture 95% of them), I wouldn’t bet on that.
  3. This man predicted the IMF would takeover the Fed Balance sheet to put the SDR (tied to Chinese RMB) into power over the dollar:
  4. This man predicted the IMF would takeover the Fed Balance sheet to put the SDR (tied to Chinese RMB) into power over the dollar:
  5. This situation was most likely chosen as a good use, for political and economic reasons, as China’s economy has basically collapsed, and the US Dollar cannot be allowed to “be too strong” (needs to be inflated), but regardless, it was spoken of in a novel in 1981
    “”They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the fourth-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at the research centre.”” ~Dean Koontz
    Obviously it was inspirational to the choice of Wuhan for the release of a manufactured virus*.
  6. Folks, *you don’t get 3 order magnitude viruses from eating animals. Chinese in Wuhan have had the (bizarre) habit of eating anything for thousands of years and it just doesn’t happen. This stuff was designed by China for export; they have been killing Americans for years with opioids. Please see the following non-fiction related texts to understand the real threat and where the stock market money is disappearing every Sunday night (it isn’t panic trading):
    “Stealth War” by General Robert Spalding
    “Hundred Year Marathon” by Dr. Michael Pillsbury (who helped open China up)
    Deceiving the Sky” by Getz (This Chinese term refers to a super weapon which is unstoppable and maybe even untraceable)All in all, I wish you a good day, enjoy your normal life. Cold-related viruses die off in the early Spring season, which is upon us. But credit freeze and planned global recessions, that’s another matter. I want you to take a deep breath, and go buy from a local small business, and enjoy the time off with family. But never forget that YOU, the People, are in charge, not the Governor, CDC, WHO, or even the President.
    The People have the right to commerce and enjoyment of public areas. Wash your hands. Be respectful of others’ space if they request it. If you feel sick, do not go out. But if you do go out, just remember that human immune systems are improved by exposures. And if Ebola and Malaria haven’t ended the world, neither will Wuhan-400 … I mean COVID-19.


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