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I have been there. I was the skeptic. I was the “rationalist”. The Math-Brain. The Engineer who only believes in what he sees (we’ll get to this).

I’m here to tell you something: Karma/Law of Causality doesn’t care. It doesn’t mind if you end up on 10+ poisonous meds that destroy your liver, or if you can’t walk on “bad days”. Karma doesn’t feel. You do.

Has the New Age/Hippy movement maybe said a bunch of hooey? Absolutely. Have psuedoscientific psycho-babble taken over the internet and Facebook? You bet it has.

But the Chinese/Indian/Native American way of seeing the world pre-existed all that. They didn’t have marketing and gimics… they just moved forward under the FACTS.

Let’s talk about those facts.

If there’s an Up, there is a Down.

In. Out.

Good. Bad.

Bright. Dark.

OK so far? This is basic, basic Yin/Yang.

Now… If there’s a Visible, there’s an Invisible.

If there is a physical-material body, there is an energetic body. E=mc^2

I’m not saying this to convert anyone. I’m telling you, whether you like it or not, you are subject to the Laws of the Universe. For good or for bad, or worse if you really don’t get with it… these things exist:

  • Spirit & Soul(s)
  • Essence
  • Qi/prajna/energy
  • Tao/Force/Grace/the Light

You might not like to hear it, and you might even put up resistance to it, for a time… but you’re still being held accountable. Not by me… no I just remove the dams in your streams of energy. No, you’re being held accountable by – get this – your own soul. Your soul is where your debt is stored. It knows how “attune” you are. How “with it” you are behaving. You might have enemies. You might have detractors. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. But… for the most part… you are the one getting you, holding you back.

So, I’m here to really encourage you to stop for the holidays. Consider your place in the Universe, your Destiny, your Lifespan, your Karma… and consider what you have been blessed with and what blessings you have denied yourself, and what blessings there are in lessons which don’t seem like blessings-in-disguise when they are happening.

We all want to play the victim. I have a saying, “Self-pity feels good, but courage is a heck of a lot more useful.”

Never give up hope, and never give up the Light. But… yeah… we’re going to need you to be a little more Woo-woo, too. You deserve it. Now go earn it.

~Shifu Careaga

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