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Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

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Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture is about more than using Traditional Chinese Medicine as a luxury to treat pain or stress. It is HEALTH care. Traditional Chinese Medicine has treatment protocols using acupuncture, herbs, moxa, gua sha, cupping, or tui-na (t’way nah) massage for almost every kind of condition.

We accept: cash, check, all major credit cards, Paypal, Flex Spending, HSA, VA, WorkComp, out of network, & Superbilling

Our Acupuncturists have  more than 3500 hours of training.  1000 hours more than NCCAOM (national requirements) and nearly two times more than KY state Acupuncture requirements.  Members: KYCAA, AAAOM, Commerce Lexington.

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At Blue Lotus, we know what it takes to not only achieve health, but how to maintain it.   Whether you are new to Acupucnture and Chinese Medicine, or an experienced receiver of the many benefits of Chinese Medicine, Blue Lotus Health and Acupuncture will meet you where you are and work together to achieve and maintain results.

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Of course, you can do all this in the office on your 1st visit too!  These are here for your convenience if you are so inclined.

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Return to Nature

Shifu Careaga leads Feng Shui Nature Walks and Daoist Classes out in the surrounding Kentucky areas.  Visit our Site to discover when the next adventure or classes will be offered.

Healthcare for the whole Family

We Are Family

We understand what it means to have a family, and we know what health means to a family.


  • Marc was having seizures and drooling excessively.So I took him in on a Monday and Ramon did only a few needles. Marc did great, he never cried. Ramon explained he was using the thinnest needles so they barely feel them. Marc just lay there and I watched as his skin turned red around the needles. Then we went home. After a nap I noticed Marc wasn’t drooling at all. It was then I started to think he could be cured. Since then he’s had almost no seizures and his drooling is like gone. His grandmother couldn’t believe it. The doctors want to make Ramon’s treatments standard care for cases like this. It’s remarkable how different, I’d say he’s 300% better than before. He’s alert, interested. I thought he was going to be autistic.

    I am so grateful, I feel like he is saving my kids’ lives

    Mark Lightfoot
    Owner Dandelion Beadstore
  • Sf. Ramon Careaga is a professional, compassionate and highly knowledgeable TCM provider. I’ve had endocrine and high blood pressure issues for the pass 5 years. With the treatment and guidance of Mr. Careaga, my blood pressure has decreased by 20 points. And, I have lost weight, which has been a battle for the past 5 years. My overall energy level, physical health and emotional well-being has improved. I am very grateful for his care and time.

    Lesley K
  • When I first came to Blue Lotus, I had tried everything for my fibromyalgia and nothing was working. After my first session of acupuncture, I began to feel relief. I have received open and honest communication about my health and treatment from the beginning. I have been treated with respect and have left each session feeling confident and refreshed. I have been amazed at the results I am seeing and feeling. This has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to continuing

    Alison H
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