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Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture is about more than using TCM as a luxury to treat pain or stress. It is HEALTH care. At BLHA our goal is to treat each individual with the care and respect they need to treat their individual pattern, however it manifests as a disease.


Holistic, Energetic, Alternative, Life-promoting,
Therapeutic, Humane.

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Sf. Ramon Careaga

Ramon is a native of Lexington, KY. He attended the University of Kentucky where he received a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt most recently testing on May 29th, 2010. He teaches gong fu, tai-chi and qi gong through his school, Wu-Tao-Di, and is currently accepting students; he is accepting students in the Herbal medicine and TCM training privately, contact us to apply. At any rate, in an effort to introduce the West to Chinese culture, Shifu endeavors to also represent the medicine as it is: a first rate system of comprehensive health-care (minus surgery). In the West the law limits TCM to the treatment of non-medical emergency, non-surgical, and non-cancer only conditions. Even still this leaves a vast area of human health and concerns to draw upon the 5,000+ years of Chinese Medicine and other alternative medicine history. He is also a business & home feng-shui and astrology consultant. On top of this Sf. Ramon Careaga offers courses in personal growth and development such as Bagua Dharma, 5 Element Theory and Diet, Self-defense for women, and therapeutic Qi Gong.

Sf. Ramon Careaga

Arwen Careaga

Arwen is from Beauty, KY, just outside Inez in Martin County. She attended Berea College where she majored in Elementary Education. After earning their Masters degrees in Traditional Oriental Medicine, she and her husband Ramon, returned to Kentucky to raise a family and realize their dream of bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine home.

Arwen enjoys treating difficult cases, and helping people who’ve “tried everything else” find hope that they can be well. Also a mother of four, she brings the wisdom of experience to the concerns of pregnant and post-partum women, and their families.

Arwen Careaga