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There’s a false narrative pervading out there that a 2nd wave has come. There is nothing in the data to support this. Instead more and more people have been infected and we have reached herd immunity. Same as any SARS virus any other year. We’ve had many SARS invasions over the last decade. Finally, the...
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Hi folks, People always are asking about things I’ve written and where they can read them. Of course this blog is a good place to start. My latest paper, published at ResearchGate, is the “Great Pyramids of Kentucky.” I do hope you take the time to go and read, and leave me comments there. Also,...
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Calendar Cover
[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Custom Calendars by Shifu Careaga”] Featuring 100+ locations, there are 8 different calendars which are completely unique and hand-selected by Shifu Careaga to represent some of the Best of the Best of his photos from 2014. From April to November, he visited over 200 locations. Now you can own some of these amazing...
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Hormone Testing isn’t exactly Chinese Medicine. BUT our medicine has always been about adapting to new information while retaining tradition. And as it happens Hormones do exhibit nicely the laws of Yin and Yang balance in the body. When you have yin/yang imbalance issues, then hormones are a common suspect. At that time we may...
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