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Spring Time = Liver Qi Stagnation

The spring is Liver’s time. Therefore it’s natural for you to get symptoms related to liver Qi stasis and liver blood stasis. It ranges from headaches and allergies to moodiness, indecisiveness, hyperactivity, high blood pressure and much more. Instead of eating more sugar, get some exercise, and consider coming in for a seasonal reset. God […]

COVID boosters worse than you think

In 2020, I had a whole series on COVID. It’s all gone due to our change in website. However, some of you will remember I followed the data, shared the facts, and made no correct predictions.I want to make you aware of something that really happened. The Nobel Prize laureate discoverer of HIV made an […]

Setting up a Bedrock of Altstream Knowledge

It’s no secret that my sciences are alternative. You want alternative, that’s why you come here. So where do you start? You could, of course, learn Chinese medicine and Taoism and gnostic Christianity, yoga, martial arts, alchemy, etc. You could read all my papers, too, and I recommend that – of course. But you could, […]

Balance in TCM Series – Part 5: Lifestyle

There are almost infinite varieties of lifestyle, and far be it for me to tell YOU how to live. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live, so long as you’re living a moral life (which you know in your heart and soul are moral). That’s important for the spirit (shen) and Qi-energy. But there […]

Balance in TCM series – part 4: Diet

With COVID, the good news is that we have not had a huge number of people asking about fad diets and get-slim-quick schemes. The bad news: people are coming in for pain, depression, and anxiety so much that they are not coming in for weight gain, obesity, and diet. Why? People are overwhelmed (see part […]

Balance in TCM series – part 3

It is important, now more than ever, to be aware of all that is going on. But how do you maintain a healthy balance with red-pill, black-pill, and showing you care about social issues without losing your autonomy, all your money, health, and friends & family? When you are a carer, this is a serious […]