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The Propensity of Things…

Shi 勢, is a combination of several factors: tendency or propensity, momentum, inertia, configuration, structure, advantage, ability, and position. In the Art of War it is called “strategic configuration of power.” In life it is simply position (or class or caste). But right now I want to speak, earnestly, to the audience about the world […]

Balance in TCM series – part 1

I hear from people a lot that they want to “deal with depression” or “harmonize” or “fix their energy” etc. I hear that they want Balance. To achieve this, is not to find some standing point where you can stay in homeostasis forever. But let’s give something more practical. First is the HEALTH and OWNERS […]

Adornment & Nurturing the Small

In Chinese medicine we don’t seek the easy or fast path… although it is nice when you have a 1-needle wonder case! We seek continual, gradual effort through transformation and becoming better people. This takes time, effort, patience, and stick-to-it-tiveness. This last one is difficult, often because of preconceived expectations, or because of life’s challenges, […]

WARNING: Summerdamp toxin Alert

Dear Patients,Aside from my son, and other friends, I’ve had numerous patients come in today with the signs and symptoms of summerdamp toxin attack: nausea, vomit, diarrhea, fever/chills, etc. Please cautiously use ginger, but if prickles of red petechia appear on the tongue it is no longer appropriate. Watermelon and the green soft rind of […]

Metal Yu & You

There are five phases in TCM: Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, and Metal. We spend so much time talking about the first four that the fifth is taken for granted. It is also true that our society – and people, even friends and family – take these people for granted. They get a bum rap, and […]

WARNING: Summerheat and Liver Surging!

Dear Patients,Unfortunately we had a very muddled summerdamp season as spring doddled. We passed through wind-heat almsot not at all, as it was cold. Then the summerdamp came and went, thankfully for most (I hate vomit and diarrhea, too!) without note. But there has been a surge of surging pulses, red tender tongues, damp-heat or […]

Energetic Destruction

This might be considered more of a confession than a lecture. There is a plague I rarely talk about, upon modern society: doing too much. I myself am guilty of this. Doing too many projects, trying to be too perfect, wanting more for my kids than is reasonable for myself, them, or my wife… Energetic […]