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Setting up a Bedrock of Altstream Knowledge

It’s no secret that my sciences are alternative. You want alternative, that’s why you come here. So where do you start? You could, of course, learn Chinese medicine and Taoism and gnostic Christianity, yoga, martial arts, alchemy, etc. You could read all my papers, too, and I recommend that – of course. But you could, […]

5 Element Diet Series – Flavors

As covered in Part 1, each of the 5 elements (wuxing) are correlated to a flavor. What’s important here is that yes, you enjoy your food so you can “nourish life” (yang sheng), but also that you get a steady mix. Too much sweet fattens and rottens. too much salt dries the blood. Too much […]

5 Element Diet Series – part 1

In a previous post, we discussed the OWNERS and HEALTH acronyms. Under N, we discussed briefly the concept of a “5 Element Diet” Fire – Heart/Small Intestine – Spicy – Red Earth – Spleen/Stomach – Sweet – Yellow & Orange Metal – Lung/Colon – Bitter – White & Gray Water – Kidney/bladder – Salty – […]

MIMS & You

Hi all,this isn’t your usual TCM blog post. I wanted to introduce you to a powerful new philosophy category I’ve been engineering which using Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology (PEMC) and Chinese metaphysics in order to create a very cogent, Judeo-Christian friendly, world respecting system. MIMS is short for the Membranous Interface of Material and Spiritual. It’s a […]