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While people think only about Coronavirus, there are other pathogens!

So, of course we all know that the focus has been solely on COVID-19 (Wuhan 400), which has led to increases in depression, assault, suicide, starvation of children worldwide (due to shutting down the US economy), and more.

Currently the Earth begins its journey back to the electrical Winter Pole, and today there is a sharp increase in Sha Qi (death Qi). But lately there have been numerous patient complaints of blocked epigastric sensation, nausea, vomit, glomus, etc. This is due to the rapid switchback from a dryness induced by normal summerfire to summerdampheat. There will be a cool-down. But in between the layers of energy are damp and heat related. You will see more food poisoning and other similar conditions. Most notably, watch out for summerheat stroke, organ stroke, channel stroke (like Bell’s Palsey), yin and yang collapse (such as Myocardial Infarc not induced by solar storm), etc.

Be careful eating from unclean food, and working out, be sure to hydrate.

The dominate food remains watermelon but although we’ve had a need for applesauce and apples, you will need at this time to actually reintroduce chili pepper, ginger, etc. Citrus peel will act in conjunction with the juices, which are themselves a little phlegm inducing.


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-Sf. Ramon

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