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Dream Prescription

Dear Readers,I know many of you are undergoing transitions in life and work. It might help you, therefore, to have a tool. Here is the link to my 3 stage Dream Rx: To use you mostly follow the steps on page. However, please write on a 2nd sheet of paper or use a pencil. […]

5 Element Diet Series – part 3

So, putting it all together, the names, colors/flavors, and properties… what we have a complex enough means to control our diet, but simple.Tonifiers: red, brown, orange, black, gray, purple, sweet, saltyDrainers: yellow, green, white, bitter, bland, pungent, aromaticNeutral: blue, sour, umami, spicy In order to nourish a particular organ, say the Kidneys, then you can […]

MIMS & You

Hi all,this isn’t your usual TCM blog post. I wanted to introduce you to a powerful new philosophy category I’ve been engineering which using Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology (PEMC) and Chinese metaphysics in order to create a very cogent, Judeo-Christian friendly, world respecting system. MIMS is short for the Membranous Interface of Material and Spiritual. It’s a […]

Things you’re not saying…

Hi, let’s talkWe’re all private people. But there are medical things that matter, that you’re not sharing when you should. We just don’t get enough admissions (however personal as they are) of: Constipation Marijuana and other drug use Addiction PTSD Spiritual difficulty Deep seated anger, especially about the modern situation Clinical Depression Phobias and sensation […]

COSMIC WARNING: CMEs on their way

Hi folks, the Solar Flare that arrived today will create a pre-loaded high radiation/protons/beta particles in the nerves type situation. There will already be energetic compression. As the CMEs (two potentially) arrive if they hit Earth, there may be some serious health risks. Please consume many greens, mint, and massage Liver 3, LI4, the Pericardium […]

For Sale: Real Colloidal Silver

Hi folks, We’ve been given a supply of real, home-made but professional grade colloidal silver from an engineer. It is high quality and well made. Prices are straight forward: $55 for a large bottle, $35 for a regular size. I make no claims about what it can do. If you are into supplementation and already […]

Tiny Girdles & Channel Lock

People frequently complain of conditions like Carpal Tunnel, or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or Frozen Shoulder, etc. But little do they know that there is an underlying energetic cause. For background, imagine that of all the vertical channels that move throughout the body, you have one Master horizontal vessel call the Girdle Vessel or Meridian (Dai […]