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Breathing through difficulty

There are events in life which can cause serious repercussions later in our health by blocking important channel and organ energy flow. You can, of course, use yoga or meditation; another thing you can try is just some deep breathing in your Dan Tian, which is at the navel level. Additionally, of course, you can […]

Price Raises For Quarter 4 For Next 3 Years

After an analysis we found that we must raise prices to keep up with inflation and rising payroll to continue to bring you high quality services. Effective at both locations, a $10 price increase to all services and rates will be rolled out in October. Plans that are continuous will stay locked into current rates, […]

Inconvenient Truths… (about COVID-19)

This blog won’t be popular with your typical conspiracy theorist (who doesn’t do their homework or think critically), or with those scared into believing everything the mainstream media, WHO, and CDC/NIH tell them. So in other words: those who have an agenda of fear. In the case of the latter group, I must report GOOD NEWS […]

CDC Correction

Most have not been able to see this, because Facebook and Twitter suppressed it, but the CDC corrected the COVID deaths to 6% dying of COVID and 94% with COVID and 2.6 co-morbidities. Citation: As such, I’ve adjusted the graphs: This puts the % of death per infection at 0.1% … so right at a typical flu season. […]

COVID Epidemic Is Done; Please Don’t Be Afraid Anymore

There’s a false narrative pervading out there that a 2nd wave has come. There is nothing in the data to support this. Instead more and more people have been infected and we have reached herd immunity. Same as any SARS virus any other year. We’ve had many SARS invasions over the last decade. Finally, the doubling rate […]