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Side benefits of Acupuncture

Of course most of you are coming here for pain. But did you know there are also the following side benefits of acupuncture: -Relaxation (dopamine, seratonin, and endorphins) -Improved life flow (sometimes called luck or fortune) -Good prep for surgeries and procedures -Flushing of bad negativity and introduction of new (held back) opportunities -Release of […]

Resilient Way!

Hi patients,I have a new way to help you. I’ve started Resilient Way, a business/entrepreneurship company. Consulting and Business services. For a limited time only I’m going to provide a free (and limited) service to my first clients. If you are a business owner and want some help either starting, or growing our business, please […]

Starter Grower

One thing I love to do is help people. In that vein I’d like to introduce you to my pet project tool, Starter Grower ( you create some business, or after you’ve had it awhile, you want it to grow. But how do you get the data to help you decide what to do? That’s […]

Looking for space…

Hi there,My school and planned boxing-dojo are looking for space. I want a place where the landlord gives first few months rent free so I can build out the school. As you know Title and Everybody Fights went out of business, and I want more room for tai chi and other classes (women’s and general […]

Dream Prescription

Dear Readers,I know many of you are undergoing transitions in life and work. It might help you, therefore, to have a tool. Here is the link to my 3 stage Dream Rx: To use you mostly follow the steps on page. However, please write on a 2nd sheet of paper or use a pencil. […]

5 Element Diet Series – part 3

So, putting it all together, the names, colors/flavors, and properties… what we have a complex enough means to control our diet, but simple.Tonifiers: red, brown, orange, black, gray, purple, sweet, saltyDrainers: yellow, green, white, bitter, bland, pungent, aromaticNeutral: blue, sour, umami, spicy In order to nourish a particular organ, say the Kidneys, then you can […]