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More than ever, we need your support and word-of-mouth

Hi, this is Ramon, your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist. Arwen and I together have over 20 years of needling experience and an exemplary record. Nevertheless, recently Facebook has banned us from advertising for sharing an article about tension headaches and acupuncture. We should, first and foremost, be able to share anything we want. But this is […]

To Loot a Burning House

Well, a lot has happened since my book launched. Its title is based upon the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China, particularly the title above. The meaning is clear: while someone is in decline work to rob them of their power, money, assets, territory, influence, technology, etc. It came out, and then with prescience predicted the […]

Balance in TCM series – part 1

I hear from people a lot that they want to “deal with depression” or “harmonize” or “fix their energy” etc. I hear that they want Balance. To achieve this, is not to find some standing point where you can stay in homeostasis forever. But let’s give something more practical. First is the HEALTH and OWNERS […]