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Some things it seems we can only wait in life, for it to come. Fixing health issues is not one of those things. But, fortunately, acupuncture can work on health or life issues. It just depends on what you want to do.

When it comes to health issues, it is best to immediately circulate the vital energy (Qi) of the body, to free the mind and spirit and relieve pain, malnutrition, and blood flow issues. Most of the time this gives immediate relief (48% in a single visit, according to 3 studies I did in clinic). But sometimes it increases the feeling until the blockage is removed. You cannot know ahead of time which case you will be, this is one of the biggest mysteries of healing and acupuncture.

Berea Branch Closing

Dear Patients and friends,  We regret to announce that after much consideration we will be closing our location at 122 Main St. Berea, KY, effective 2-1-2021. Appointments may be scheduled in Berea through the month of January by calling 859.533.0914. We are still taking appointments in our Lexington location at 1200 Versailles Road. If you […]