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Or, “I have been changing diapers for eight years!” There are two things in this world that I really specialize in. One, as you might expect, is acupuncture. The other is being a mother. All of our (incredibly beautiful, gifted, hilarious, etc., etc.) children are under the age of nine. So I often say things...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”What is Ben Cao?”] This will be the beginning of a long time ongoing “herb tasting” article where I, Shifu, risk body and health for you, the innocent consumer, in order to find out just how supplements and food products affect the Qi and the risks to your 5 Pillars of Health. Physical...
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While the west clamors for more and more technological (read: expensive) diagnostic methods, in TCM we continue to use ancient external means of diagnosis to a great degree of proficiency. However, even in Chinese Medicine, techniques are not without major deterioration over the centuries. For example, it is not merely the feel of the pulse...
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What if I were to reveal to you the extent to which your body is the culprit of how you feel? Would you believe me? Would you cease to feel guilty for all of your mood swings, anxiety, anger outbursts, etc…? At least cease to feel excessively guilty. Believe it or not, probably 60-70% of...
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