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Balance in TCM Series – Part 5: Lifestyle

There are almost infinite varieties of lifestyle, and far be it for me to tell YOU how to live. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live, so long as you’re living a moral life (which you know in your heart and soul are moral). That’s important for the spirit (shen) and Qi-energy. But there […]

WARNING: Summerheat and Liver Surging!

Dear Patients,Unfortunately we had a very muddled summerdamp season as spring doddled. We passed through wind-heat almsot not at all, as it was cold. Then the summerdamp came and went, thankfully for most (I hate vomit and diarrhea, too!) without note. But there has been a surge of surging pulses, red tender tongues, damp-heat or […]

Neck Pain

Necks are quite complex, actually. There’s a lot going on in them in a small amount of distance and space. There are muscles, bones, discs, veins, arteries, lymphnodes, glands, a voicebox and the floating hyoid bone, and of course nerves. What causes your neck pain? Mostly it is problems with the facets between the vertebra […]


Some things it seems we can only wait in life, for it to come. Fixing health issues is not one of those things. But, fortunately, acupuncture can work on health or life issues. It just depends on what you want to do.

When it comes to health issues, it is best to immediately circulate the vital energy (Qi) of the body, to free the mind and spirit and relieve pain, malnutrition, and blood flow issues. Most of the time this gives immediate relief (48% in a single visit, according to 3 studies I did in clinic). But sometimes it increases the feeling until the blockage is removed. You cannot know ahead of time which case you will be, this is one of the biggest mysteries of healing and acupuncture.

Grief, Qi, & yu

Friends,I know you are struggling with grief, loneliness, and pain. Qi has gotten stuck, and become a real trouble for you. Stasis (yu) is a real issue with grief, because it also consumes the Qi at the same time; it’s just gone. Therefore, you are in double trouble. Folks, I know 2020 was very difficult, […]

Essence and You

Getting old sucks. Physically at least. The jing-essence runs short, healing slows, and everything aches. This is, however, normal. We now know that aside from the marrow and hormones weakening, we have free radical damage, telomere degradation, bad epigenes turned on, and of course “pre-existing conditions.” Of course, this just relates back to sitting too […]