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Tiny Girdles & Channel Lock

People frequently complain of conditions like Carpal Tunnel, or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or Frozen Shoulder, etc. But little do they know that there is an underlying energetic cause. For background, imagine that of all the vertical channels that move throughout the body, you have one Master horizontal vessel call the Girdle Vessel or Meridian (Dai […]

Hip and Back Pain part 4 – Adult Scoliosis

There is a little known problem among adults, called functional or Adult scoliosis. It causes back (and therefore hip) misalignment issues, which often go undiagnosed for years and decades. It’s easily clinically diagnosed with the Adam’s Skyline Test, but how many doctors are doing clinical tests anymore? Think about the ramifications of this: your sine […]

Hip Pain Part 2

This is the kind you need a 2x/week chronic care plan. Don’t kid yourself, this is absolutely related to your weight gain or obesity, to your lifestyle and eating habits, to your work and posture routines, and will only be fixed if you can return the shape to its original structures.


There are 6 different kinds of TCM headache disorders, caused by 5 different vectors. Also there are issues like Migraine which belong to Bi Tong (painful obstructions), or tension headaches which belong to disorders of the channels. You have headaches? The good news is TCM treats all of them fairly well. Effecting a cure for […]

Pain, Parasites, and Toxin

Pain is usually: physical (chronic or acute trauma), psychosomatic, referral, or undefined. Undefined pain needs a long discourse of its own. But separately there are two categories, Du (toxin) and Gu (parasite syndrome) which are under-diagnosed everywhere. Du is like rust on your truck. It crawls underneath the paint and spreads, getting everywhere. It is […]

Hope Springs Eternal

We are passing the darker period of time and the Light Giving power is on the increase. This means two things. First, have hope, that 2021 will be better and things will continue to improve. Many of you have come for extremely difficult things, and of course pain, and we empathize with you fully. Have […]

Breathing through difficulty

There are events in life which can cause serious repercussions later in our health by blocking important channel and organ energy flow. You can, of course, use yoga or meditation; another thing you can try is just some deep breathing in your Dan Tian, which is at the navel level. Additionally, of course, you can […]