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Hope Springs Eternal

We are passing the darker period of time and the Light Giving power is on the increase. This means two things. First, have hope, that 2021 will be better and things will continue to improve. Many of you have come for extremely difficult things, and of course pain, and we empathize with you fully. Have […]

The times they are A-Changin’

The I Ching (or Zhou yi) is an ancient masterpiece of China. Literally “Changes Classic” began over 3,500 years ago as rudimentary yin/yang binary diagrams with names that referred to the cataclysmic era. Then King Wen added names, and his son added the Judgment and Image. Confucius added the commentaries in the Spring & Autumn […]

Breathing through difficulty

There are events in life which can cause serious repercussions later in our health by blocking important channel and organ energy flow. You can, of course, use yoga or meditation; another thing you can try is just some deep breathing in your Dan Tian, which is at the navel level. Additionally, of course, you can […]