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Energetic Destruction

This might be considered more of a confession than a lecture. There is a plague I rarely talk about, upon modern society: doing too much. I myself am guilty of this. Doing too many projects, trying to be too perfect, wanting more for my kids than is reasonable for myself, them, or my wife… Energetic […]


Well, not surprisingly we are closed on this icy day. What does TCM have to say about ice? “Ice is for dead people.” That’s more of a reference to injuries and RICE technique. But also it’s true that we consume too much ice and we do not appreciate the difficulty that ice and cold puts […]

The times they are A-Changin’

The I Ching (or Zhou yi) is an ancient masterpiece of China. Literally “Changes Classic” began over 3,500 years ago as rudimentary yin/yang binary diagrams with names that referred to the cataclysmic era. Then King Wen added names, and his son added the Judgment and Image. Confucius added the commentaries in the Spring & Autumn […]