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Aether, Wind, and Air

In Ayurveda medicine (from India), Aether is a whole “element”. Chinese medicine opts for Metal. But either way it represents the electric force within the body. Having a diagnosis of a problem with aether would represent in Chinese Medicine, however, an issue of spiritual or psychic value. But there are “bad air” diagnoses in TCM. […]

Neck Pain

Necks are quite complex, actually. There’s a lot going on in them in a small amount of distance and space. There are muscles, bones, discs, veins, arteries, lymphnodes, glands, a voicebox and the floating hyoid bone, and of course nerves. What causes your neck pain? Mostly it is problems with the facets between the vertebra […]

The Eyes Have It

Do you know what Shen is? Shen is spirit. But whether the Chinese meant ghosts (gui) or not is a matter of some debate. In fact, you can read my paper about the plasmaglyphic and religious origins of that term and others like it, here. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine (zhongyi), shen is most specifically […]