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What is Qi, really? Many patients are asking me, “Is Qi Satanic?” While the question itself is theologically and academically problematic, as people do not understand what Satan is, historically… I understand the concern of patients as well that they don’t want to open themselves up to/be in league with the Dark One. People don’t...
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A lot of people ask me this question, which is ironic because I don’t think most people ask their doctors to predict the future. So I suppose in a way I should feel complimented. But, alas, however mystical acupuncture may seem, I am not a psychic or magician. I cannot know. BUT I can tell...
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The Spirit in TCM is divided into 5 parts: Affect & Emotion Corporeal “bodily” Soul Ethereal Soul & Intuition Intellect & Memory Willpower & Destiny Of these, classical Chinese texts keep referring to “the 3 souls” not only just one. What on earth could the other two be? [responsive] [/responsive] It is my theory that...
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