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Neck Pain

Necks are quite complex, actually. There’s a lot going on in them in a small amount of distance and space. There are muscles, bones, discs, veins, arteries, lymphnodes, glands, a voicebox and the floating hyoid bone, and of course nerves. What causes your neck pain? Mostly it is problems with the facets between the vertebra […]


There are 6 different kinds of TCM headache disorders, caused by 5 different vectors. Also there are issues like Migraine which belong to Bi Tong (painful obstructions), or tension headaches which belong to disorders of the channels. You have headaches? The good news is TCM treats all of them fairly well. Effecting a cure for […]


Some things it seems we can only wait in life, for it to come. Fixing health issues is not one of those things. But, fortunately, acupuncture can work on health or life issues. It just depends on what you want to do.

When it comes to health issues, it is best to immediately circulate the vital energy (Qi) of the body, to free the mind and spirit and relieve pain, malnutrition, and blood flow issues. Most of the time this gives immediate relief (48% in a single visit, according to 3 studies I did in clinic). But sometimes it increases the feeling until the blockage is removed. You cannot know ahead of time which case you will be, this is one of the biggest mysteries of healing and acupuncture.

The Eyes Have It

Do you know what Shen is? Shen is spirit. But whether the Chinese meant ghosts (gui) or not is a matter of some debate. In fact, you can read my paper about the plasmaglyphic and religious origins of that term and others like it, here. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine (zhongyi), shen is most specifically […]


Well, not surprisingly we are closed on this icy day. What does TCM have to say about ice? “Ice is for dead people.” That’s more of a reference to injuries and RICE technique. But also it’s true that we consume too much ice and we do not appreciate the difficulty that ice and cold puts […]

Hiking Induces Health

Getting out with the kids Saturday to Red River Gorge, I was re-reminded how important it is to hike. It gets you in sync with nature, with your wood, water, and earth elements, and it gives you cardiovascular exercise. Also, the views can be quite nice. If you are finding yourself cooped up in your […]

Grief, Qi, & yu

Friends,I know you are struggling with grief, loneliness, and pain. Qi has gotten stuck, and become a real trouble for you. Stasis (yu) is a real issue with grief, because it also consumes the Qi at the same time; it’s just gone. Therefore, you are in double trouble. Folks, I know 2020 was very difficult, […]


Without circulation, really nothing works. So yin and yang have to rotate. This might be blood and venous return+lymph, it might be thyroid and parathyroid hormone, it might be the left and right hemispheres of the brain, etc. The point is that if you’re seeing pallor, varicosities, having energy issues, constipation, difficult urination, whatever is […]