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Essence and You

Getting old sucks. Physically at least. The jing-essence runs short, healing slows, and everything aches. This is, however, normal. We now know that aside from the marrow and hormones weakening, we have free radical damage, telomere degradation, bad epigenes turned on, and of course “pre-existing conditions.” Of course, this just relates back to sitting too […]

Sciatica… or lumbago?

As you could guess people call us a lot about low back pain. Half the time people call it “sciatica.” But real sciatica starts in the buttocks region then erupts in the calf and down the leg. What you probably have is lumbago, or sacroilliacitis, or a spasmodic QL or iliopsoas (a hip pain). Chances […]

Liver induced Wind-cold

Anytime you are: under major stress or overstressed, there is a seasonal transition (including wet-dry), going in and out of hot and cold environments, consuming too much sugar and caffeine, allergy season, or consuming too many meds, alcohol, or drugs… there is the potential for the Liver Qi to severely block the lungs. If that […]

Heart Heat

When anxiety happens, most of the time there is some form of heart heat involved. Heat vexing the heart can be due to liver, stomach, or small intestinal fire; it can be from infection or affliction, stress or distress; it can also be trauma, PTSD, bad memories, or other external factors; it can be genetic […]

Hope Springs Eternal

We are passing the darker period of time and the Light Giving power is on the increase. This means two things. First, have hope, that 2021 will be better and things will continue to improve. Many of you have come for extremely difficult things, and of course pain, and we empathize with you fully. Have […]

Tension Headaches

A tension headache is related to muscle tension, yes, but primarily it is a nerve + fascia issue. Often it is complicated by disc, facet, and other spinal deformities, but at the heart of it is the nerve conduction rate due either to a pensive/stressed mind, or or a repeated behavior under stress causing bodily […]

The times they are A-Changin’

The I Ching (or Zhou yi) is an ancient masterpiece of China. Literally “Changes Classic” began over 3,500 years ago as rudimentary yin/yang binary diagrams with names that referred to the cataclysmic era. Then King Wen added names, and his son added the Judgment and Image. Confucius added the commentaries in the Spring & Autumn […]

Breathing through difficulty

There are events in life which can cause serious repercussions later in our health by blocking important channel and organ energy flow. You can, of course, use yoga or meditation; another thing you can try is just some deep breathing in your Dan Tian, which is at the navel level. Additionally, of course, you can […]

Berea Branch Closing

Dear Patients and friends,  We regret to announce that after much consideration we will be closing our location at 122 Main St. Berea, KY, effective 2-1-2021. Appointments may be scheduled in Berea through the month of January by calling 859.533.0914. We are still taking appointments in our Lexington location at 1200 Versailles Road. If you […]

Life Essential Services

What is “Essential” for life? Our medicine is one of the Nourishing Life sciences of the ancient days. So what is essential? Chinese Medicine deals regularly with 3 of the 5 essential substances of the body (excluding blood transfers and saliva work): Qi /vapor/breath Spirit /psyche/mind Essence /life-energy By definition, the purpose of Chinese Medicine is to […]