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Breathing through difficulty

There are events in life which can cause serious repercussions later in our health by blocking important channel and organ energy flow. You can, of course, use yoga or meditation; another thing you can try is just some deep breathing in your Dan Tian, which is at the navel level. Additionally, of course, you can […]

Berea Branch Closing

Dear Patients and friends,  We regret to announce that after much consideration we will be closing our location at 122 Main St. Berea, KY, effective 2-1-2021. Appointments may be scheduled in Berea through the month of January by calling 859.533.0914. We are still taking appointments in our Lexington location at 1200 Versailles Road. If you […]

Life Essential Services

What is “Essential” for life? Our medicine is one of the Nourishing Life sciences of the ancient days. So what is essential? Chinese Medicine deals regularly with 3 of the 5 essential substances of the body (excluding blood transfers and saliva work): Qi /vapor/breath Spirit /psyche/mind Essence /life-energy By definition, the purpose of Chinese Medicine is to […]

The Great News For You, Bad News In The World

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic is still raging worldwide. In fact, there’s an uptick in worldwide infections. But overall the death rate per infection in the world is down, and so is it in America, where the Epidemic is over. Right now the % chance of infection for this year is going to […]

COVID Tyranny is Scientifically Unjustified

So the data is now coming back. First there is a lot of science which pre-existed Coronavirus, which clearly shows that disease pathogenesis and pathology is increased in closed quarters. This is not controversial in science (while “social distancing” as a hypothesis was completely untested), it is well known even in epidemiology, for example like pericarditis/endocarditis, […]