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5 Element Diet Series – part 1

In a previous post, we discussed the OWNERS and HEALTH acronyms. Under N, we discussed briefly the concept of a “5 Element Diet” Fire – Heart/Small Intestine – Spicy – Red Earth – Spleen/Stomach – Sweet – Yellow & Orange Metal – Lung/Colon – Bitter – White & Gray Water – Kidney/bladder – Salty – […]


There are 6 different kinds of TCM headache disorders, caused by 5 different vectors. Also there are issues like Migraine which belong to Bi Tong (painful obstructions), or tension headaches which belong to disorders of the channels. You have headaches? The good news is TCM treats all of them fairly well. Effecting a cure for […]

Pain, Parasites, and Toxin

Pain is usually: physical (chronic or acute trauma), psychosomatic, referral, or undefined. Undefined pain needs a long discourse of its own. But separately there are two categories, Du (toxin) and Gu (parasite syndrome) which are under-diagnosed everywhere. Du is like rust on your truck. It crawls underneath the paint and spreads, getting everywhere. It is […]

Essence and You

Getting old sucks. Physically at least. The jing-essence runs short, healing slows, and everything aches. This is, however, normal. We now know that aside from the marrow and hormones weakening, we have free radical damage, telomere degradation, bad epigenes turned on, and of course “pre-existing conditions.” Of course, this just relates back to sitting too […]

Tension Headaches

A tension headache is related to muscle tension, yes, but primarily it is a nerve + fascia issue. Often it is complicated by disc, facet, and other spinal deformities, but at the heart of it is the nerve conduction rate due either to a pensive/stressed mind, or or a repeated behavior under stress causing bodily […]